September 2010

September 2010

Greetings Friends,

Church of God World Missions

A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore we have finally updated our pictures. The website has also been given a dramatic face lift. We now have our blog, facebook & twitter working together. This way we can get updates to you easier and more efficiently.
The soup kitchen has been temporarily restored! Work has begun on the church remodeling. And our family has recovered from the flu!Thank you so much for your prayers.

God Bless…

  We are now on Facebook

Facebook logo We have recently created a Facebook page for Michigan Bridge Ministry. Here you can read frequent updates and see more pictures as they happen. Check us out and click “like” to let us know you are with us. Also make comments, send prayers, and invite us to your pages.

  Introducing Webination Station

We want to briefly introduce you to Webination Station. I have begun to create websites for Christian ministries, churches, and missionaries. This is a ministry. Not a business. What we do, we do for the Kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ. We do ask for a small compensation and 100% will go to the work of Michigan Bridge. We help you get online for at anincredibly affordable rate each situation is different. If you or someone you know needs a website please send them to
Paul was a tent maker. He had a job to help fund his missionary work, and this is how we can raise some funds, and also help to utilize the web to spread the Gospel.

  Soup Kitchen in Radvanka is resurrected!

Soup Kitchen Returns!
Soup Kitchen Returns!

Last Newsletter I wrote about the soup kitchen in Radvanka, and how it has been temporarily closed. I am excited to announce that it has been resurrected. We have not missed one week since mid August. This outreach is an incredible way to bring new people into the church to hear a message of the Gospel, and receive a hot meal. Many who come are the elderly and widows of the community. We also have a lot of children. We often see new faces, and look forward to seeing more. Each week we have worship, prayer, and the Gospel is shared. Every week we are careful to meet the needs of those who visit. If healing is requested, we lay hands. If there are new faces we are certain to give an invitation to receive Christ. Some weeks it is just wonderful fellowship, and others there is a mighty move of God and people come forward, repent, and get saved! This is why we need this outreach. So thank you to all who have contributed to make this possible. Here is a video of some members who wanted to say Thank you! God’s Blessing…


Pastor Brugosh continues to have me come forward and pray with him for the sick and for whatever the people come forward with. Three weeks ago, a man came forward and it was the first time I had seen him. He asked if we could pray for him to stop being an alcoholic. We prayed, Valeriia translated, I shared with him a little of my testimony of deliverance. He came again, and at the end of service came forward and answered the invitation for prayer and asked if he could repent and receive Jesus! There was much rejoicing, tears, and prayer. We presented him with his own bible and he hugged it. Another elderly woman came forward Estherand was all bent over and asking for prayer for her back. It was a dramatic prayer as there were many who laid hands on her and were praying in the Spirit. After some time she began to slowly stand upright, she lifted her arms high, and even began to slightly bend backward as she looked toward heaven. I was getting teary eyed as this took place, and it was really awesome. This frail old lady looked at me and I gently held her face and said “Ya lublue tebe” which is simply, I love you. She hugged me and we wept together as the Holy Spirit held us both. Every week there are new events and new healing taking place. My faith grows stronger, I am learning how to listen and pray according to His will. The Lord is stretching us, but we are learning to be pliable.

Now we hope to begin getting the water system at the church working so that we can have running water indoors for soup kitchen and hopefully a bathroom. It is getting too cold to go outdoors. I am really seeing the Holy Spirit moving in the services and we see new faces often. Not all stay, some just poke their head in the door to see what is going on, and some just want to come indoors and be a part of something. I know that God is planting seeds in those curiosity seekers. We continue to pray for them.

  Talks have begun for Children in Crisis training event in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

This may be a bit premature to discuss at this time, but I do want to ask for prayer as we have begun discussions and planning for the next Children in Crisis training event. Lord willing, we hope to invite Janette Pepall to present the Orphan Care module. It is the third curriculum from Crisis Care Training International. She is the author and brings to the field of children and families over 40 years learning and professional experience in Australia, Asia and Africa. She has qualifications in Social Welfare, Anthropology, Training and Assessment and has been a case worker and a manager in adoptions (national and international), foster care, small group homes and institutions, child protection and counseling in Australia and Hong Kong. Janette has been a Key Note and Plenary Speaker in many conferences in Australia, Asia, Africa and the USA and specializes in the field of children at risk.
This is an incredible honor to be able to invite her to Ukraine. There is still a lot of planning, finances, and logistics ahead, but we commit this to the Lord and ask in faith that He will make this possible according to His perfect will.

  Join us in Prayer…

  • PrayerValeriia’s mother for healing. She will have a very serious surgery this month.
  • Pastor Josef as he travels to USA
  • More new faces in Radvanka church
  • Author Janette Pepall to come lead conference “Working with Children in Crisis – Orphan Care”
  • And of course, Holy Ghost anointing, discernment, and resource

  Financial Needs

We want to take a moment and thank those of you who have helped make this all happen. Thanks for your donations and your pledges. We want to respectfully ask that if you have made pledges, to please communicate with us about your ability to get them finalized. Even though we are very close to meeting our need in pledges, we have not received the necessary funds. We are considerably behind in our monthly budget. We do not want to pressure or make anyone feel uncomfortable, but we do need to ask that you communicate with us so we can make an accurate budget. Thank you for understanding.

  • $37.50 a week for soup kitchenANSWERED!!
  • $700 Synthesizer for Radvanka church
  • $500 for Kitchen
  • Install bathroom sink & toilet in church – Cost Unknown
  • Tiles for Sanctuary – Cost Unknown
  • New Windows for sanctuary – Cost unknown