October 2009

October 2009

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Greetings!  COG - WM logo

I do apologize for the long delay in correspondence. We have been extremely busy! The Backpack project was a great success. The summit against abuse and assault is in full stride and taking a lot of time for preparations. We have visited and spoken in more than 20 churches over the last 4 months! Pastors, we are extremely grateful to you who have given us the opportunity to come and share the gospel and the vision of this ministry from your pulpits. I will send updates and get you caught up with all the wonderful “happenings” going on with our ministry partners. Thank you all for your loyal support, prayers, and contributions. We are blessed to have you on our team!


  Backpacks for children in Detroit…

Backpacks for Homeless

To all who participated, thank you for all the backpacks collected, the time you took coordinating, and the prayers you have prayed. We took a car full of school supplies to Warren for Bridge Detroit. Regrettably, our team from Northern Michigan was not able to do any programs or street evangelism as I had originally hoped. I know that God has a better plan than mine. Director of Bridge Detroit, Brother Buck Buchannan, has some exciting vision for the distribution. He feels that there are many ways to use these bags for strategic giving to the families that they are already working with, especially the children of mothers who are staying a local battered women’s safe house. Here is a list of some of the items collected. Again, thank you all. God Bless you for your compassion and outreach.

50 backpacks, 125 youth bibles, 100 Christian books about teen issues, 76 notebooks, 54 homework folders, 21 pairs of brand new tennis shoes, 12 three ring binders, 7 blankets, 9 gift cards for shopping, along with lots of toys, rulers, calculators, candy bars, bookmarks, and personally written cards and letters of encouragement for the students. Praise the Lord!


My comments regarding a recent Charisma Magazine article:

Web Site Seeks to Expose Sex Abuse

There is a desperate need for the churches to be directly invested in this issue, specifically the topic of abuse in our churches and amongst our congregations. Too often discussion of sexuality and abuse, are looked upon as taboo and are not discussed within the church. We as Christians must become educated advocates and counselors. We need to train our church leaders how to “abuse proof” our churches so that false allegations are eliminated and serious allegations are not covered up. We need to be able to defend our pastors who are wrongfully accused, and we need to be equipped to provide necessary healing and hope for victims of sexual abuse, and their families. What better way to share the truth of the gospel than to deliver tangible acts of sincere active compassion to survivors? It is imperative that we the church learn proper reporting procedures and process so that we do not abandon our congregation members to the “system”, but rather walk along side and work with it. From reporting to recovery, we must maintain a level of commitment showing that we “practice what we preach.” If we do not remain watchful to expose and address the wolves, the media and public will. We need to admit that just because we worship in the house of the Lord, predators can still get into the building.


There is a conference coming to Northern Michigan on November 13th-14th, 2009 addressing this very issue.

Visit our
website www.nmsaaa.org

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(My response to the sited Charisma Magazine article is not intended in any way to focus on the title, project guilt upon clergy, or point negatively toward any specific denomination. I write strictly to address the need for education, awareness, and resources)


Prayer Concerns

  • Maximum attendance for the NMSAAA Conference
  • Unity in our Community
  • The Children living in Ukrainian orphanages
  • Pastor Brugosh still needs instruments!
  • Crisis training, advocacy, & counseling center in Ukraine
  • More churches and small groups to invite us to speak

Financial Concerns

  • A car to use while we are Stateside
  • Funds for a soup kitchen for Pastor Brugosh’s church
  • Synthesizer for Roma church Praise team
  • Sound mixer for the Roma church
  • Funds for the Christian crisis counseling center
  • Raise $2500 to cover November Conference costs

We look forward to hearing from you. Please share with us your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
God’s Blessings,

Jason & Valeriia Wiser, Directors

Michigan Bridge Ministries & CSPCU
Church of God World Missions #065-0833