March 2011

March 2011

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Michigan Bridge Ministry News

This month we are very busy getting ready for the May 5-7 Tent Revival in Radvanka. We have special guests from Hungary, USA, and Ukraine. We will have many bands, skits, testimonies, preaching, and prayer. Our special guest is Hungarian Roma Pastor Szilágyi Antal or Tony. He will be preaching revival every night. We expect hundreds to come and participate though out the weekend! Pray with us as for God to prepare the hearts and spirits of those who will receive His word.

In this issue: More testimony’s from Church members, Video Tour of the Church, and follow-up on last months articles. We have posted recent photos, new videos, new blogs, and we are encouraged by new followers on Facebook.

Evangelism Outreach

Update! For anyone who has done humanitarian evangelism, you know the difficulty of making sure everyone gets some. If someone is missed, then they feel cheated and the well intentioned Christian action of charity causes division in the community and the church get the blame. It is a very delicate process to make sure each person is not forgotten or overlooked. Because we have not raised enough for a neighborhood wide outreach, Pastor Brugosh and the elders have met and decided to bless the Grannies of the community with these boxes. There are many who cannot make it to church due to illness and we will go to their houses and pray with them and for their families. We believe that this will demonstrate our sincerity to the families of the Babushkas. Please pray for this outreach that healing will take place in hearts and bodies, people will not get offended for “not getting their share”, and people will receive the gospel and come to know the Lord Jesus.

We have received pledges for 10 boxes. We still need 40 more. Each gift basket will include some cooking oil, rice, flour, sugar, pasta, Laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, and hand soap. Each basket is only $8.50. We hope to distribute 50 baskets. If you have an extra $8.50 and want to help this evangelism outreach, Buy Now. Webination Station is matching 1 basket for every 4!


Tour of our Church

Here is a very short video (2:09) that was taken in February. It is a simple walk through of our humble prayer house. Many lives have been transformed here through the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please continue to prayer with this ministry.

Church Members Testimonies

Roma PastorMy name is Roebi Konduk. I drank since I was 7. When I was 14 I started to sniff glue, smoked anywhere from five packs of cigarettes a day. My friends gave me marijuana and I started smoking it and I thought it would satisfy me. I was ready to do anything to fill up that emptiness inside but still was missing something. I think it was love and affection that I never got from my parents. I never knew fathers or mother’s love, I was always rejected and abused and I got strong attachment to alcohol. I looked what to sell and what to steal out of the house in order to sit drink with my friends, even beaten up my parents when they didn’t give me money for alcohol.

One day Pastor Kortchi Brugosh came to my house and preached God’s word. I received it and believed in Jesus Christ!

Then I started going to garbage dumps to find paints and chemicals containing acetone in order to make myself feel good. I was a complete failure in this life, I was enslaved to this world, and my life was getting closer to death day after day. My wife at the time left me because of the alcohol but that made me drink even harder. One time I got so drunk that just couldn’t control myself and tried to kill my mother with an axe. After that I thought about committing suicide. I had hatred for myself and my alcohol addiction. I wanted to find freedom in this world but I didn’t understand many things.

One day Pastor Kortchi Brugosh came to my house and preached God’s word. I received it and believed in Jesus Christ! When pastor preached God’s word I repented in my sins and believed that He forgave them all. I know that God can make anyone free! I have been free from drugs and alcohol ever since.

Today I have a beautiful family, another wife that gave me 5 children: Moses, Daniil, Gloriya, Onyka, Rebecca. We have unity in our family and I love my family very much! Today I serve in my church and in Ratovci, also as an assistant to pastor in Uzhgorod at Radvanka.

Roebi is in Discipleship training and wants to become a pastor. He is very active in the church and is a mighty man of God. He is a new creation in Christ Jesus. There is nothing so terrible that God cannot wash away! He loves us and when we surrender to Him, we too can be free from the bondage of addictions! Pray and ask Jesus to set you free. Dare to ask God in faith to prove that He is real, and He will reveal Himself to you!

More Testimonies…

CCTI in Ukraine – May 2012

We recently were introduced to a new potential translator. Be in prayer with us as we proceed. This is a huge undertaking, and will be very involved. We know that God will guide our steps and in His timing, this huge undertaking will be accomplished.

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  • For my family as we grieve the loss of our Matriarch, Grandma Lillian Wiser (1929 – 2011)
  • Vision and planning for Radvanka church development, expansion, and direction in 2011
  • Total deliverance from cancer for mom, and deeper Holy Ghost communication
  • Translators, funding, and resources for the Children in Crisis Training Module 3 – Orphan Care from English to Russian

Financial Needs 2011

Monthly Support

This last month we experienced an amazing increase in support! Thank you all so very much! Here is a list of the budget items. Portions of these needs have been pledged. Our total monthly goal is $800 minimum. The chart does not reflect one time donations for specific projects.

  • 50 Easter Baskets – $8.50 each
    • 10 have been donated!ANSWERED!!
    • 40 more baskets needed
  • Yearly Salary for Pastor $100 / Month
    • Three months has been paid!ANSWERED!!
    • We need 8 more
    • Very Important!
  • Soup Kitchen $75 / week
    • $37.50 a week has been pledgedANSWERED!!
  • Church Electric bill one time yearly fee $187.50ANSWERED!!
  • Car for Church / Pastor $1500 or $125 month.
  • Gas for car $25 / week
  • Licensing for car $250 one time feeANSWERED!!
  • Sound Board for worship team for churchANSWERED!! We need to get it here from Michigan
  • Sound Board for worship team for Street Evangelism and Conferences- $500
  • Speakers for Sanctuary and Street EvangelismANSWERED!!
  • Tiles for the Sanctuary – $350
  • Finish Bathroom remodel at church. – $400
  • Finish Kitchen remodel at church – $500
  • Flight tickets for the Wiser’s to return to USA – $2000
    • $500 has been donated! – ANSWERED!!
  • Monthly support for the Wiser’s housing, food, utilities, transportation- $600
    • $450 monthly has been pledgedANSWERED!!
    • $150 still needed