March 2009

March 2009

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     COG World MissionsWe have arrived safely in Ukraine after an amazing, life changing experience in Hungary. The backpack project was a huge success! I just returned from the Eastern European Summit for Orphans and the Church. It is amazing how much reform has taken place in Russia and Ukraine for the orphan and street children, and how much more desperately needs to be done. Now we are getting ready for the Children in Crisis Conference in April.


In loving memory of…
I Eric Wiserhave mixed feeling about the recent loss of a loved one. We had many great times together, shared many crazy stories, and laughed until all hours of the night. He listened, he cared, he gave you the shirt off his back, and he loved.  I am confident knowing that he is in the arms of our Savior, but I will miss him greatly. I tell you all who are reading, there is urgency in the hour. You never know when a loved one will leave this world. Now is the time to proclaim the Truth of Salvation. I pray that all who are saved and are reading this will have the courage to tell your loved ones about your faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Those who are not saved find a copy of the bible and read the book of John. Some of you will be offended by my faith. Some of you will roll your eyes and stop reading. But you, who know the peace of God, do not be afraid to share it, tell all, go and proclaim!
Brother-cuz, Eric, eh -ric, EAW, Eurcle, I will miss you, I will always remember you, and I will see you again some day.
Eric Arden Wiser


CCTI is coming to Uzhgorod, Ukraine
April of 2009

Working With Children in Crisis

Only three weeks left and we will be hosting over 40 people for the Children in Crisis Conference. This event will be instrumental in educating front line crisis care workers like youth pastors, foster families, social workers and missionaries. There are many local people who simple can not afford to come to this conference. The registration fee is in some cases half of their monthly income. Because of the cost of the conference hall, food, and transportation, we simply cannot do this with out your help. If you have pledged funds, now is the time to send them!! This is an incredibly important event and we have stepped out in faith. We must raise about $3000 for this to happen. Please find some way to help us!


Homeless in Hungary Project 2009
“For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me…” Mt 25. 35-36

by Janice Marcum

     Backpacks seem like a strange tool for sharing the Gospel but when God gives an idea there is a purpose. They have been such a door opener, first with the local partners but more importantly with the people on the streets.   
     Our first four days were spent in the city of Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city. After meetings with the local partners to introducing ourselves they invited us to see their ministries. The Reformed Church has a day shelter where they feed up to 60 people. They also have Bible study and worship time. In the evening several of these same people find refuge in a government funded night shelter.
     Much of our time was spent on the streets visiting homeless in various places. Our guide was Christina, a full time social worker and committed servant. She took us to many places including the woods where two brothers lived in a makeshift tent, to the dump where a couple lived in an old train car trailer and then to the train station.  We visited the homeless in parks, on the street and in temporary shelters out in fields.

     As we presented the backpacks we told them that many people and churches back in America were involved with gathering goods and putting together the gifts. “Those same people are praying for you even now” we told them. We showed them the many items in the bag and explained the space blanket. Then we gave the most important gift in the bag…The Bible.  Some were familiar with the Bible others were not. Some had tears as we told them of God’s love for them and shared the message of His word. Especially moving were the words, “God knows you, He loves you, and He has not forgotten you. He hears your prayers” 

Homeless in Hungary

     The impressions left on all of us will not fade easily. I know without a doubt some lives were changed as the result of a simple backpack. Of the 30 bags given in Debrecen, for certain 5 people had a visible encounter with the living Spirit of God. Of course there were the naysayers in the balcony telling us our efforts were in vain.  They said many of the backpacks were sold for alcohol or cigarettes at a fraction of their value.  They did not understand.  We did not come to watch the people carry backpacks and use the contents of these gifts. We were there to obey the Fathers directive to be givers in His Name.  The results are in the mighty hands of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.  May His name be blessed!

     As a result of this trip a new ministry is being birthed here in Debrecen.  Someday they hope to have a rehabilitation center complete with a church just for the homeless. The ultimate vision is to bring the talents of each organization together to change lives in Jesus name. God’s plan is large and He will enlist our many hands.
     To all who helped make this trip possible I want you to know you have made a difference. Thank you so much.


Prayer Concerns

  • The Children living in Ukrainian orphanages
  • The Crisis Care Training Seminar in April
  • Homeless in Hungary
  • More Holy Spirit power in the Roma camps and villages

Financial Concerns

  • Scholarships for the Children in Crisis Conference
  • Funds for a soup kitchen for Pastor Brugosh’s church
  • Synthesizer for Roma church Praise team

This ministry can not exist without your help

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Michigan Bridge Ministries

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memo: CSPCU & MBM

We look forward to hearing from you. Please share with us your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
God’s Blessings,

Jason & Valeriia Wiser, Directors

Michigan Bridge Ministries & CSPCU
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