January 2011

January 2011

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The New Year is here! We had such a wonderful Christmas celebration. In Ukraine there are many holidays during this time. We celebrate Christmas, Saint “Mikolash” Day, and New Year twice! The Catholic community celebrates Christmas on the 25th of December, and the Orthodox celebrates on January 7th. They each have their own calendar. There are lots of festivities, church events, and family gathering during this time.

We are looking forward to the New Year and its going to be a great one!

Hospital Updates

This is what I affirm, I am handing this over to my personal SaviorFirst let me Update you on the woman from the article “An Unexpected Hospital Ministry”. She has continued physical difficulties and had to travel to Hungary for further medical attention. We continue to pray for total healing, but it’s a slow process. Most excitingly however is the strengthening of her faith. We’ve had a few conversations and she’s asked some very important questions. “What does it mean to be saved?”, “What do I need to do to be saved?”, “It doesn’t matter what I’ve done?”, and “It just seems too easy, I mean if it’s free and all I have to do is confess my sins and ask God for forgiveness?”. Recently she wrote this to me, “It’s still painful to walk and sit, but things are slowly getting better. That is what I AFFIRM. I am handing this matter over to my Personal Savior! I’m tired of hanging on to fear.”

On a personal note, Valeriia’s mom had the initial surgery and it went well. They removed a large tumor from her uterus, a full hysterectomy, and repaired a hernia caused by the weight of the tumor. The tumor was tested and there was no sign of cancer there! Thank you God! Initially, there were four points of concern with the uterus and hernia being 1 & 2. The doctors have found a malignant tumor in her breast (3) and they think it may have metastasized into her hip (4). She is recovering wonderfully from the surgery and was home 6 days after the operation. She is getting around incredibly well, sometimes I think she pushes herself too hard, but she is stubborn and determined.

Mom and Valeriia at Christmas Mom was released from the hospital on the 22nd of December, and on theValeriia and Mom 24th was up cooking all day getting ready for Christmas day. And it was just the 4 of us here. Christmas morning was truly special. Mom said it was the best one she had ever had. Then on the 27th she returned to the hospital to begin radiation treatment. The doctor told about the side effects and what to expect from the chemotherapy. She is in good spirits and displays extreme bravery. She has already had to spend one night on chemo IV drip. She is home now and Thanks to God she has not experienced any side effects (fatigue, vomiting, sore bones). She is getting treatment every 21 days and they will continue for one year while they decide if she will need a mastectomy.

This woman is so strong and determined, that just over a month later and she has chosen to return to work. She is the director of the cleaning staff at the city’s most prestigious hotel. The job requires heavy lifting, and is very strenuous. Valeriia is concerned, but mom is going crazy being trapped in the house. And when she sets her mind to doing something, there’s no stopping her. Looking at her, you would never know that she’s been through so much. She has amazing resilience. Join us friends and thank God for the healing that has taken place! Give Him glory for using this event to open communications about prayer and the Gospel. Thank Him for sending the Holy Counselor to speak to her over and again during all of this. There is an obvious change in her spirit!

On New Years Eve Pastor Brugosh’s son, Ernest, was admitted to the hospital for an inflamed nerve in his jaw. It has caused serious semi-paralysis and the left side of his face has gone limp. The doctors say that he will need to stay in the hospital for treatment that was discovered “just in time”. He is getting regular shots, massages, and electric shock therapy. At the writing of this letter, he is showing amazing improvement. We pray and trust him into the Lord’s care.

Earnest In the HospitalThe real story here is that this young man, who by the way just celebrated his 17th Birthday on January 9th, has turned this situation into a mission opportunity. The hospital is rather empty and he sits with the nurses and staff for company. He began to minister to them and share the gospel. He has boldly spoken about the need for repentance and that without surrendering to Jesus as Savior you will “burn in hell”. You’ve got to love this kids fire and assertiveness. Pastor tells the story and laughs when he mentions that the staff were even too ashamed to drink in front of Ernie on New Years Eve. But there’s more, Ernest called pastor and had him bring 12 copies of the New Testament which he has given to the staff. Pastor said it was a real surprise when he went to visit Ernie and saw one of the nurses reading a copy at the front desk. Ernie said that they are all reading.

Lastly, Victor has asked me to thank you for praying for him also. We wrote about him last letter. He was the boy featured in the video “Spontaneous Worship”. His surgery went well and he is fully recovered. He said “God has heard your prayers and now I am well.”

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  • Ernest’s complete healing. Quick recovery.
  • Vision and planning for the church development, expansion, and direction in 2011
  • Total deliverance from cancer for mom, and deeper Holy Ghost communication
  • Translators, funding, and resources for the Children in Crisis Training Module 3 – Orphan Care from English to Russian

Financial Needs 2011

Monthly Support

Here is a list of the budget items. Portions of these needs have been pledged. Our total monthly goal is $800 minimum. The chart does not reflect one time donations for specific projects.

  • Salary for Pastor $100 / Month
  • Soup Kitchen $50 / week
  • Church Electric bill one time yearly fee $187.50
  • Car for Church / Pastor $1500 or $125 month.
  • Gas for car $25 / week
  • Licensing for car $250 one time fee
  • Sound Board for worship team – ?
  • Tiles for the Sanctuary – $350
  • Finish Bathroom remodel at church.
  • Finish Kitchen remodel at church
  • Flight tickets for the Wiser’s to return to USA – $2000
  • Monthly support for the Wiser’s housing, food, utilities, transportation- $600