Feburary 2008

Feburary 2008

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Michigan Bridge News

Greetings again! It has been a while since our last newsletter, and we have many wonderful things to share with you. We have had a wonderful holiday season stateside with friends and family. Valeriia is having fun experiencing American culture, but admittedly, she is very much missing home. We are preparing to return to Ukraine during the 1st week of April. Our work there is ongoing and we are excited to get back.

Radvanka Uzhgorod ChurchI am delighted to announce an update on the heating system project for Pastor Brugosh and his congregation. They have completed the installation of the necessary pipes and radiators so that they can continue to celebrate the Lord this winter in the warmth of their recently acquired church!! I have been asked to extend a very special thanks to those of you who have donated to meet this ministry need. It is so wonderful to see this relationship growing. Currently he is preparing for the upcoming spring season and eagerly invites your church and missionary teams to have an opportunity to enjoy the reward of short or long term missions in his community. There are many building and community projects where we can join forces and work together as we share the gospel. If interested please contact me for details as to how you or your church can get involved. His vision for a youth center, community center, and fellowship hall is directed at the intention of creating discipleship programs, counseling centers, and an outreach base where together we can assist his congregation as they are the hands of Jesus reaching out to their neighbors in need. He has wonderful reports from many of his church members testifying to deliverance and freedom from numerous types of bondage. We are very anxious to return to Uzhgorod, and continue working with Pastor Brugosh.

Personal News

We are into the 7th month of pregnancy and everything is going wonderfully!! I am excited to announce that the ultrasound suggests we are expecting a boy, Russell Daniel Wiser III. One of our biggest concerns regarding the pregnancy, while at home for the holidays in USA, was prenatal care. We do not have insurance, and we are paying for doctors visits out of pocket. We began calling around and pricing different doctors and midwifes in the area. Obviously, one of the main questions they ask is, “which insurance do you have?” None. One office asked about my occupation, so I told them that we are Christian missionaries to Ukraine and are only going to be in the States for a few months. This started a wonderful conversation and finished with, “OK, we’ll call you back with a price.” When they called back the next day, the nurse explained that the doctor would like to donate his time and that he would see us for free!! I was overwhelmed. They have been very wonderful, attentive, and we are so very thankful for their love offering. We will not disclose the name of the office, but please, take a moment and join us in a prayer of thanksgiving and lift them up for their extreme act of kindness and love, God knows who they are.

We are hoping to return to Ukraine by the 1st week of April to deliver the baby there. Our expected delivery date is May 29th.

We are having a going away party / State side wedding reception / baby shower March 1st here in Northern Michigan. You are all invited and we will be sending our formal invitations soon. Hope to see you there. Call 231-432-8177 for questions about the reception.


We are honored that we have been asked by Petoskey Pregnancy Resource Center to assist them with this year’s awareness campaign. Their organization is an incredible and absolutely necessary service to our local community. By reaching out and assisting expectant mothers and young families they not only provide resources like clothing, food and diapers, but also they provide compassionate emotional and spiritual counsel.

When we return to Ukraine, we will continue the development process needed for the creation of the abuse crisis resource center where our ongoing efforts toward defending the rights of children and moral laws will be coordinated. This year we hope to finalize the paperwork for our NGO status, develop relations with our expanded network of partners, and secure a permanent building where our growing education library and administrative offices will be located.

As we have reported in the past, we have a lawyer who is helping us draft our By-laws and assisting us with the necessary paperwork in order that we can get non profit status. We have our team almost complete, and should be in position to apply for NGO status some time this year.

Our Network of partners is growing. We have been granted membership with Comission for Children at Risk. CoMission exists to equip, resource, and network Christian leaders, organizations, churches and individuals to minister more effectively to orphans and street children in Russia and Eastern Europe.

We are expanding our education and resource library. We are always looking for additional resources, specifically ones written in Ukrainian or Russian. We have contacted other organizations who are currently developing sexual education courses specifically designed for Ukraine, and other post-Soviet cultures, and hope to be able to work together to build a library/resource center for the Transcarpathian region. For this year, we will be working out of our house, and it will be acting as the library and Administration offices.

We have a great team of eager workers, trained professionals, qualified leaders, and ambitious evangelists. We are excited about this coming year and welcome your comments and input toward this vision and ministry.

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  • Children in State ran Orphanages
  • Strength, wisdom, and resources as we continue to develop a Christian crisis center for abused children in Ukraine
  • Pastor Brugosh and his congregation
  • Vision for our church-FOFM as we look for ways to reach out and help in missions
  • Speaking engagements and awareness opportunities
  • Wiser family as they travel back to Ukraine in April