February 2011

February 2011

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Winter has been long and cold here in Uzhgorod, but it is getting warmer. The city shut off our electricity at the church in Radvanka, someone stole our soup kitchen pots, but in both cases, the Lord supplied our need! The church continues to grow and three new people have repented! The translations for the Children in Crisis Training are progressing right on schedule as we prepare for May 2012. Jason has enrolled in a Christian ethics class, Valeriia is one semester closer to her Social work degree in Ukraine, and Danya is getting ready for preschool.

In this issue: Testimony of new believers, Pastor shares his heart in a thank you letter, and we are preparing for Street evangelism in Radvanka. On our website we have posted recent photos, new videos, new blogs, and we are encouraged by new followers on Facebook.

New Believers

The most exciting part of ministry is that glorious moment when a person surrenders their life to Jesus Christ! Being led by the Holy Spirit they come forward, confess their sins, and are born again. I am excited to report that this month we have welcomed 3 new believers into the Kingdom.

One was a young mother who had visited several times, and this service, she was drawn forward. Pastor led her in the sinner’s prayer, and she was saved.

Romani BabushkaAnother, an elderly woman who was filled with tears of joy when pastor told her what it meant to be born again. He spoke to this venerable old woman and said, “Your sins are forgiven, you are born again. You are a child of God.” She released a laughing cry and leaned heavily on those around her as she thought about being a child again, a new creation in Christ.

The third was a man. I noticed him in church one Sunday. I’d never seen him before. He looked rough. Just looking at him you could see that life had been hard for him. He had tattoos, weather cracked skin, and strong hands from hard labor, and probably a fight or two. The weight of worldly decisions was pressed into his face. He sat patiently through service listening intently to every word. I sat with the worship band that week because it was standing room only. Our little prayer house was packed. I was facing the congregation and could not help but watch him. I saw a transformation taking place in his spirit. It’s hard to explain, but somehow I knew God was getting a hold of him. Near the end, he began to get antsy. He couldn’t sit still. It was time for alter service and people began to line up for prayer. One by one we prayed for the sick, thanked God for healings, and prayed for family members and non-believers.

Then it was his turn. He began to shake. Not spastic or wildly, but as if he was trying to contain something welling up inside him. Pastor asked him, “How can we pray with you?” Head held low, he responded.

I have done terrible things in my life. I don’t know how anyone could ever forgive me for the choices I have made.

“I am an awful sinner” He said calmly and shamefully. “I have done terrible things in my life. I don’t know how anyone could ever forgive me for the choices I have made.” A short pause, he tried to regain composure. He really started to shake. He couldn’t hold out any longer. Thrusting his hands toward heaven, tears falling, and with total surrender and passion he cried out, “Forgive me Lord!”

The room fell silent. He fell to his knees. He prayed to God as never before. He prayed without ceasing. He prayed like David. He prayed in the Spirit. He clutched his head, bowed it low, and wept. The church joined in and a crescendo of praise filled the room. Everyone was glorifying God with all their might! Heaven shook and angles rejoiced. There are new names in the Lamb’s book of life today!

If you are reading this and you are not saved, know this. There is nothing that you could have done that God cannot forgive. If you want peace in your life, freedom from your guilt, and you are willing to confess that you are a sinner, call on the name of Jesus today. Put your faith in Him and know that He is the Son of God. He has died for your sins and you are free. If you would like to talk about what this means, please call us (231-432-8177) or find a Christian friend or Pastor.

Evangelism Outreach

For the Easter season, we will be visiting neighbors in Radvanka and handing out gift baskets of food. The plan is to introduce ourselves as church members, hand them the basket, and ask them if they have any prayer requests. Each gift basket will include some cooking oil, rice, flour, sugar, pasta, Laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, and hand soap. Each basket is only $8.50. We hope to distribute 50 baskets. If you have an extra $8.50 and want to help this evangelism outreach, please contact us.

Webination Station is matching 1 basket for every 4!

Revival Conference in May 2011

We are preparing for a week long Conference here in Radvanka. We are inviting friends from all over the world to join us in this awesome celebration. During this week we will be having street festivities with bands, worship, evangelism, and outreach. We are having services every night, and each day time activity will be devoted to a different topic, namely men’s day, women’s day, youth day, and family day. We will have soup kitchen, prayer tent, and kid’s activities. If you are a missionary looking for something in May, pray about joining us for this event.

Pastor Brugosh thanks you for your support

The Lord called me in the year 1998. I am grateful that he called me and set me free from alcohol and smoking and today I serve God and his people. Today I am a pastor in Radvanka and Ratuvtsi village, but that is not the end of the vision to move forward. Village after village, we hope to preach and open new churches, open rehab centers, and ministry for dependent people, addicts. Our church serves people. My wife serves at the soup kitchen where poor people eat; my son plays the synthesizer in church and holds the youth services. He leads our praise and worship team at church

I am grateful to God for Jason and Valeriia. They have a kind heart. They are a beautiful young couple that serves in our church and ministers to all our Roma people. They really love and pray for us and hold our hands! I am also grateful to all of our partners and all who support us financially for our ministry. Let God Bless everyone. We want to tell you that these finances serve our community and they help us as a church to spend more time with people in the community and we can help people! “Village after village, we hope to preach and open new churches, open rehab centers, and ministry for dependent people, addicts. Our church serves people. “

This day there are 120 members in the church, not counting all of the visitors. Our prayer house is very small. We believe that in the summer time we will expand. We pray that the Lord will bless and multiple this ministry and meet our need. Thank you from the Roma people. We are grateful that you support us financially.

“…And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

“…And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;” 2 Corinthians 9:8

“The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

We would be able to do more but lack of finances are stopping us. But we believe that in this New Year God will make our prayers come true, we are praying for you all. Amen.

CCTI in Ukraine – May 2012

We are right on track with the Russian translations for the Crisis Care Training International third module – Orphan Care. Our prayer is that we will be presenting this material in Ukraine in May of 2012. There is a lot of material to translate for this event, so if you are a capable and willing translator from English to Russian, please contact us and let us know that you are willing to volunteer.

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  • For our dear friends whose son passed away after an auto accident
  • The family and church of Bishop Don Turner, Grand Haven COG, who has gone home to be with the Lord
  • Family members who have lost their child to a miscarriage
  • Vision and planning for Radvanka church development, expansion, and direction in 2011
  • Total deliverance from cancer for mom, and deeper Holy Ghost communication
  • Translators, funding, and resources for the Children in Crisis Training Module 3 – Orphan Care from English to Russian

Financial Needs 2011

Monthly Support

Here is a list of the budget items. Portions of these needs have been pledged. Our total monthly goal is $800 minimum. The chart does not reflect one time donations for specific projects.

  • Yearly Salary for Pastor $100 / Month
    • One month has been paid!- ANSWERED!! 
    • We need 11 more
    • Very Important!
  • Soup Kitchen $75 / week
    • $37.50 a week has been pledgedANSWERED!!
  • Church Electric bill one time yearly fee $187.50ANSWERED!!
  • Car for Church / Pastor $1500 or $125 month.
  • Gas for car $25 / week
  • Licensing for car $250 one time fee
  • Sound Board for worship team – ?
  • Speakers for Sanctuary and Street EvangelismANSWERED!! 
  • Tiles for the Sanctuary – $350
  • Finish Bathroom remodel at church.
  • Finish Kitchen remodel at church
  • Flight tickets for the Wiser’s to return to USA – $2000
  • Monthly support for the Wiser’s housing, food, utilities, transportation- $600
    • $350 monthly has been pledgedANSWERED!!
    • $250 still needed