April 2011

April 2011

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Michigan Bridge Ministry News

Wow! Where did the last two months go? It has been non-stop action here in Uzhgorod. Since Easter until now it has been go, go, go! Thanks to God we have had so many opportunities for ministry. We had family ministry during Easter, Humanitarian Evangelism with food baskets, Big Tent Revival, Eye Glasses Clinic, and lots of remodeling at the church. There is too much to tell in this issue, so I will be sending the next issue in two weeks in order to get caught up.

Don’t forget to check the recent photos for a quick glance at everything.


recent photos


We have bought our return tickets to Michigan for June 14th until August 31st. We still have lots to get done before we come home for the summer. One big project is setting our summer speaking schedule. If you or your church would like to invite us to share about missions, please contact us. At this point we have an open schedule. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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New Feature!

We have added a guestbook to the website so we can know who has been to the website. Please sign the guestbook and list your name and where you are from. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions and help us to improve this ministry



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A Lesson in Humanitarian Evangelism

Distributing Food Baskets to the Elderly in Radvanka – Uzhgorod, Ukraine Our initial intention was to distribute gift baskets to the non-believers in our community. We planned to go to their homes, present them with the gift, invite them to church, and ask if they had any prayer needs. All good in theory, but …read full article»


Video of food distibution in Radvanka

Tour of our Church

I pointed out that no one can know the date or the hour, not even Jesus. Matthew 24:36.  But make no mistake that there will come a time when we will meet our maker either in a global moment, or in our own personal time. And when that meeting happens, you will be justified or condemned for eternity. Are you… read full article»

Ukrainian Easter Basket Blessing

Just after midnight on Easter in Ukraine, people begin to fill the streets and wait for the priest to come and bless their Easter baskets. Thousands of people line the streets. It is an amazing sight. Each basket is placed on the ground with a lit candle. The priest sings songs over the loud speakers and reads prayers. Then he comes by with a bucket of water and a brush and splashes holy water on people and their baskets. This tradition was forbidden under Communist rule. In 1991 Ukraine became independent from USSR. They won their freedom of speech, expression, and religion. Slowly, year after year, people have returned to the streets to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ has risen! He has truly risen!

Blessing Easter Baskets in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  • Wiser family as we prepare to return to USA for the summer
  • Itineration opportunities while we are stateside
  • Fasting & Prayer for true revival in Radvanka
  • Total deliverance from cancer for mom, and deeper Holy Ghost communication
  • Translators, funding, and resources for the Children in Crisis Training Module 3 – Orphan Care from English to Russian

Financial Needs 2011

Monthly Support

The last two months we have been doing a lot of extra projects and we have had to shuffle some funds to make them happen. But God is faithful to supply. Here is a list of immediate needs for you to consider.

  • Yearly Salary for Pastor $100 / Month
    • Very Important!
  • Soup Kitchen $75 / week
  • Finish Kitchen remodel at church – $500
  • Tiles for the Sanctuary – $350
  • Flight tickets for the Wiser’s to return to USA – $2000
    • $500 has been donated!ANSWERED!!
  • Transportation funds for the trip back to USA – $400
  • Ongoing monthly support for the Wiser’s housing, food, utilities, transportation- $600
    • $450 monthly has been pledgedANSWERED!!
    • $150 still needed
  • Sound Board for worship team for Street Evangelism and Conferences- $500ANSWERED!!
  • Speakers for Sanctuary and Street EvangelismANSWERED!!
  • Finish Bathroom remodel at church. – $400ANSWERED!!