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  • Pastor Michael Arp

    Really busy with Dad’s passing but I really appreciate all that you do! We are praying for you. I hope a can serve as a Spiritual Dad to you. Those things have really become important lately to me! Love you! Pastor and Carla

    • You are without question a Spiritual Dad to me and I am so grateful! You have been such awesome support, wisdom, and given sound advice for direction. I am so sorry to hear about your Father. We love you two very much!

  • Marie Ward09

    Sending prayers your way for mom, baby and the rest of your requests.  God Bless you all.

  • Sj Cohen

    Hello Jason & Valeriia,

    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless your work in Him, and embrace your family with His love, intimate fellowship, and knowledge of His will with all spiritual understanding and wisdom.

    Bless remember to share on Kingdom Blog Press.

    Steve J. Cohen
    Kingdom Ministries Virtual World Games
    Kingdom Blog Press

  • Crbatch

    Hello good friends! I enjoyed your latest email. It is so good to see and hear what God is doing through your lives on the mission field. You are in my prayers to prosper in all ways. 

  • Croonquists

    God is doing an amazing work through your ministry & we are very blessed that you share it with us.

  • Marci Balogh

    Hi Jason and Valeria, thanks for the update and congratulations on your new little expectation. What a blessing! Love your picture. Your little man is adorable.


  • Ana Julia B. Simionato

    Hi! I saw you on twitter, and I like of your work… but I want to know more about your work. Would like so much if you could reply to me by e-mail, God bless you!

  • Heidi

    Hi Valeriia and Jason, Are you still working on the sexual abuse protection ministry? I have been presenting at Tempe High School and will be meeting with Steve Tracy on October 18th. We are looking at creating a Sanctuary Movement for Children and having a conference and community meeting modeled on what we did in Charlevoix. Some of the lessons learned from the event in Charlevoix will help make this next project more successful. I am working withing the high school where we will hold the open community event with the students and we will prepare for a year and a half ahead of time to make sure we invite who needs to be there and have a full stadium. Blessings, Heidi

    • It is great to hear from you! I will look to see what I have from the NMSAAA Conference. Please keep us updated! Blessings…

  • keijo

    Thank you Lord for pure heart joy around the world in many beleivers treasure and my too in Jesus bloods victory and be used of the lord today in our the Citys hope and see how the lord will be with us today injoy and in power and healing with strength,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  • Got your newsletter and we will keep you in our prayers, keep us posted. It was nice getting a chance to meet you at Camp Meeting. God bless!
    Pastor Steve Totten

    • I was great meeting you! And a sincere thanks for your prayers and those of your congregation! It really blesses us to know we have such amazing prayer support! God bless you!

  • Marge Bley

    You guys are phenominal (sP/) and deserve all the blessings God has given you! Please keep Love INC in your prayers. We are having trouble putting actions to our thoughts. After meeting since February, we are finally contacting churches. Sorry I misses seeing you while you were home as we always have a good time. Your are in my thoughts and prayers. Marge

    • We will be praying for LOVE inc. What is your main prayer concern? We too miss being able to have game night. It is always a lot of fun. Be Blessed sweet sister.

  • We was very bless @ Family Worship Center in Kalamazoo MI. We will be praying for you and your family as well as your church…..
    God Bless

  • Glad to stand in agreement with you for His will to be done as He goes before you.

    • I am glad we met. Gotta love social networks. Thanks for our prayers and we hope to get to know you better. Blessings…

  • Marsha Stevens

    Blessed by your visit to our church & the Family Worship Center will be praying for you & your minisry.

    • Thank you Marsha, Your prayers are definitely welcomed! Please pray specifically for Valeriia’s mom, for the recent change in the Visa law, for the Romani church, and for the Conference for Children in Crisis. Bless you!

  • Christine Johnson

    Got the newsletter and printed a copy for the CUMC Bulletin Board! Praising God with you for the return of water and gas for hot water!! 🙂 Blessings to you both..and your children & family!

    • Thanks Chris. Please tell everyone that we are sorry we just didn’t have time to get over there, but we will be sure to try next year, Lord willing. And as for the water and gas, it is back!

  • Hooray for MBM! The Lord is surely affirming your glorious work – I love you!

  • David Price-Williams

    It is a joy to participate by reading your updates. I look forward to seeing more.

    • When planning your mission trip, be aware that there has been a recent change in the Ukraine Visa laws. Be sure to look at these carefully before planning a trip longer than 90 days.

  • Pastor Windle Davis

    Living Word will be praying for you and the ministry.

    • Bless you all and thank you for so much help this summer with transport and lodging. We love you!

  • Colleen Dubey

    Thank you for the update. I will keep watching for your messages as well as updates on the family on FB. Love you ~leen

  • Richard and Dorothy Hale

    Thanks Jason for the update. We have you on the CCTI prayer list. We can now update it.
    Blessings as you seek to get Jeanette to the Ukraine

  • It’s a blessing to read about the good work you do and the very nice way you present it.

    Please let me know if there is something you need help with. I am in Kyiv and in Piski.

    With love to God and children

    • We hope to meet you sometime soon. I think you would be a great addition to the list of speakers at our Children in Crisis seminar and conference. Pray about it.

  • Lynne Zimmer

    You inspire me. Thanks for the update. You are in my prayers daily.


  • Sherry Schmalenberg

    Thanks for keeping us informed via your newsletter. We are always glad to receive it and continue to pray that the Lord will use you in a mighty way as you do his work abroad. It was our pleasure to see you again this summer. Blessings!

  • Pastor Michael Arp

    Glad you are home and serving the Lord! Our prayers are always with you and we are sooooo proud of you guys!!!

    • Thank you Pastor! I give all credit to the Lord and thank Him for the elders he has led into my life to mentor and disciple us. You are on the top of that list! We love you!

  • What a beautiful life god has blessed yous with. Follow your heart and goals. Many blessing and live one day at a time…Peace & Love.

    • And I pray for the total deliverance for our whole family! In the name of Jesus Christ I curse the bondage’s which hold my family hostage. Blessing to you Kim!

  • Christine Johnson

    Wonderful connecting with you this summer! Sorry I missed hearing you in Indian River! I was just checking to see if there were any updates on your ministry here in the States.. I like to keep the Methodist Church informed about you! 🙂 Blessings abundant to you all

    • Webinator

      No updates at this time, but i will be sending a newsletter soon!

  • Marcy Campbell

    Congratulations on your expanding family. I will pray for your safe travel.

  • T. Boyd

    Hey Jason, Valeria and Donick Pray you had a safe travel to the USA. We will miss you all here.

  • steve guthrie

    see you back home soon.

  • Mina Podgaiskaya

    Congratulations on your new baby!!!! That is great news! We pray for safe travels, healing for mom, and a fruitful speaking and sharing time while in the States.

  • JMarcum

    Your website and newsletters are an encouragement to me. God bless your time in the states. May it be rewarding in many ways. We will see you in July. Love ya Mom

  • keijo

    Thank you Lord for open hearts to every the nations salvatin in you!”Amazing things will happen today around the world when the people will be saved from sin and friom darkness and from the wallley of death and get forgiveness with new beginning in Christ ,glory to God and love to Christ for the cross,thanks and bless and live in praying ,keijo sweden

  • Dora Gage

    Blessings! So excited for you and your family with all the terrific ways God is using you to further the kingdom. Sending up prayers.

  • Chuck and Shirley Lee in WA

    Always look forward to your news letters. I am so happy we have meet you by phone and email. Will be nice for you to come back to MI for a while. We would like to go back to MI for a vacation, but i believe our travelling days are over. We send you and yours our prayers, love and best wished, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Shirley

  • Marge Bley

    You go guys. I am so proud of all you are doing and can’t wait for you to get home so I can tell you all about the latest with Love INC! Glad you will be home for the summer and I will try to get you in at Stuts. Marge

  • Jolene Dobbs

    Love to hear all the stories of the things you are doing through your awesome ministry. God bless you and I know Jesus is proud of all the things you do. Keep it up.

  • Annette Noel

    It’s always a blessing to hear from you and what is going on with your ministry. May God continue to pour out His blessings on your ministry and family as you continue to serve Him. My comment to all my students at Cornerstone school (before I retired) was: Remember; Jesus loves you and so do I.

  • D. Morrison Jr.

    Always enjoy reading about the ministry. Be blessed, and keep gathering them in. Jesus Is Coming

  • Colleen Dubey in Wolverine, MI

    It has been great to hear all the things that have been going on. We welcomed Karan back and was happy to hear about her adventures. May you have safe travel back home and may God’s blessings continue to shine on you. Love you ~leen

    • We will see you soon! We hope to make it to See Gracie and Trav and your family also. Lots of stories to share! We Love you

  • T. Boyd

    Hey Jason and Valeria, Sure going to miss you all when you go “home” and we will be gone by the time you get back. So, God bless in all your experiences and needs while in the US.

    • “home” is correct to be placed in quotes. It is really becoming unclear where home is anymore. When will you all return? We will miss you all. You have been a wonderful friend and minister / teacher. Be blessed.

  • Linda Bloom (once Linda Bruce)

    What a blessing to see what God is doing with your lives! You’re in my prayers with fond memories. 🙂

    • Thank you and bless you! When do you think we can meet again and get reacquainted?

      • Linda Bloom (once Linda Bruce)

        Probably in Heaven. 🙂 I’m living in the Canadian outback – Castlegar, British Columbia. But my love and prayers have never left you.

  • Lynne Zimmer

    thanks for letting us know what’s happening. Bruce said he thought it went well. See you in June!

    • I will be reporting more about the Conference soon. It was amazing and the eye Glasses were an absolute success. See you in June.