Yan Brugosh, Testimony


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Yan Brugosh, Testimony

Testimony of Yan Brugosh

Roma Pastor
My name is Brugosh Dula Frantishkovich, my friends call me Yan or Jon. I was born in 1969. I repented and received baptism in 1999. Until then I didn’t know God and did bad things like drinking, smoking, getting into fights. One time in a fight I was seriously wounded – I was stabbed with a knife and no one expected me to survive from it. But, with God’s help I did and came back home from the hospital.

Suddenly my daughter started to get ill a lot, she was only seven then. My younger brother Korchi (before he was Pastor) was born again Christian already; he came to our house with his pastor to preach a word of God, me and my wife both repented. After I received Jesus, I started to go to church where Korchi was a leader; the Lord healed both me and my daughter completely. In a year I also became a leader in church and my wife started to do worship, so did my daughter that was only seven at that time and she has a talent from God to worship Him. We have not had health problems in our family ever since.

After I received Jesus, I started to go to church … the Lord healed both me and my daughter completely!

My family of 7 currently lives with my mother-in-law, we don’t have our own home yet, but I believe that God will provide for my family’s needs because I put my hopes in things not seen because of what the Lord said in Mark 11:23, we will be able to do anything if we will believe in Jesus Christ. Now I am a preacher of God’s word, go from house to house to preach the Word, I serve in a Church of God. I can’t say that I have no needs, it would not be truth, but I believe in Lord Jesus Christ and He said put all needs on God because He takes care of us.( 1 Peter 5:7).

Let all the honor and the glory be to our God Jesus Christ forever. Amen.

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