It’s been a while… But the work continues


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It’s been a while… But the work continues

It’s been a long tie since we posted, and I am sorry for that. But we’re back in Ukraine and excited to get back to work! Kingdom work that is.

First let me catch you up on some exciting news that you might have missed.

We are doing soup kitchen 3 days a week, activities every night of the week, we have expanded the ministry reach, and Pastor Kortchie is one of the hardest working pastors I know.

Over the summer, while we were on sabbatical, we had 2 baptism services in June 2013.  

Pastor explains, “The first time, about 11 people from Ravtutsi village got baptized.  The second time about 16 people from Radvanka received baptism.  That was a great joy for us to see people being saved, numbers of members of the church multiplied, people getting freedom internally.  We believe these people will be a great blessing for the church.”

Right now, we are preparing new believers for baptism.  Those that already were baptized are going through times of trial, but are staying faithful.  Staying in prayer and worshiping the Lord.  New people coming to the church all the time.  Unfortunately, people from Golosh that were supposed to get baptized, weren’t able to show up.

Here are the pictures from that event.


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