Tour of Church in Radvanka


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Here is a quick tour of our church here in the neighborhood of Radvanka in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. We are the last building at the end of the street with the big silver fence. Every week we meet at 5PM on Sunday for services, and every Wednesday at 5PM for soup kitchen ministry. At least once a month we meet on Fridays for all night prayer and fasting. Home groups meet throughout the week, and the men get together on Saturdays for disciple training and bible study.

There are many things that we still need to repair, but we trust God will provide in His time. This spring, we hope to finish installing running water for the soup kitchen and bathroom. We need to fix the roof above the door, add lights to the entryway, paint the walls, put tiles in the sanctuary, and install new windows. We are grateful for this place of worship. We thank God for providing this humble prayer house. Our congregation continues to grow as new believers surrender their lives to Jesus.

Take 2 minutes and come on and look around!

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  • This video looks great! I hope people have enjoyed watching it. If you need more help with your videos, please be sure to visit us again. Blessings…

    • yes, we have gotten lots of positive feedback. Thank you for all your help. God Bless you and your ministry