Street Evangelism in Hungary ’09


Homeless in Hungary Project '09

This is a video of us praying for a group of homeless in Debrecen, Hungary. Larry prays for one man whose feet are sore, blistered, and swollen from walking, and from bad shoes. He wept as Larry spoke of God’s love and told this man that God knows him and loves him. Many gathered to see what was going on and many were prayed for and given bags, affection, and the Gospel. The Holy Spirit brought some to tears; one woman was slain in the spirit and collapsed under the weight of prayer as we prayed for her. As we tried to lift her up from the ground, I felt the Lord telling me to go down and continue to pray over her where she was. I am ashamed that my first reaction was that I did not want to get my pants dirty in the mud. Then I realized what I was thinking and so I knelt next to her and prayed. She was out for some time, and when she regained consciousness, it was as if she was looking somewhere beyond. I do not know what she saw while she was “out”, but I am convinced that she had an encounter with the Living God!

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