Soup Kitchen Returns!


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Last Newsletter I wrote about the soup kitchen in Radvanka, and how it has been temporarily closed. I am excited to announce that it has been resurrected. We have not missed one week since mid August. This outreach is an incredible way to bring new people into the church to hear a message of the Gospel, and receive a hot meal. Many who come are the elderly and widows of the community. We also have a lot of children. We often see new faces, and look forward to seeing more. Each week we have worship, prayer, and the Gospel is shared. Every week we are careful to meet the needs of those who visit. If healing is requested, we lay hands. If there are new faces we are certain to give an invitation to receive Christ. Some weeks it is just wonderful fellowship, and others there is a mighty move of God and people come forward, repent, and get saved! This is why we need this outreach. So thank you to all who have contributed to make this possible. Here is a video of some members who wanted to say Thank you! God’s Blessing…

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