How Far Would You Go to Help Your Pastor?


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Here in Uhzgorod we have a mighty man of God whose only job is to serve the Lord.  Pastor Brugosh’s incredible task is to minister to the people of the Radvanka Community.  Day after day, week after week, he pours himself out for others.

And yet, at the end of each day, he returns to the desperately unsanitary conditions of his apartment building.  There’s a foul smell, a terrible stench which affects his health and the health of his family.  His wife is sick and his son has a terrible cough.  His church does not bring in enough money in tithes and offerings to sustain a parsonage.  In his own words “We have experienced problems constantly with sewage, electricity, and even had a gas explosion. People cannot breathe because of the sewage. Many are sick with tuberculosis. We do all that we can do. We also pray that God will help us to get out of here…”  It weighs so heavily on his heart, that he is considering getting another job so that he can move his family to a safer location.

He’s always looking for part time work to raise extra funds, but jobs are scarce, especially for Roma. We pray that we can offer him assistance to keep his family safe and available for ministry. Imagine this scenario:  it’s 1pm and you have an emergency; someone you love is critically ill or injured and in desperation you call your pastor for prayer and counseling—and he is not available because his living conditions have taken him away from his pastoral duties.

Or, suppose the emergency is not yours, but your pastor’s…the water flooding the foundation of the building has caused the building to collapse and your pastor and his family are trapped inside…or perhaps you cannot get in touch with your pastor because he’s in the hospital at the bedside of his child who’s developed tuberculosis from the unsanitary conditions?

Pastor Brugosh’s heart is to serve God by always being available to the people of Radvanka.  “But we all are praying so that God will help us to get out of here. If someone has an opportunity, and wants to help us in this, we will be praying for you so that God will bless you in your effort. God Bless you. Amen.”

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  • Frank Ficsori

    Thanks for the heads up, Jason! Count me in with your prayers. I am supporting Pastor Brugosh and his family on my knees. Praying for a quick solution for them to move out of that building and also for protection over the family while having to be under such conditions. 

    • Michigan Bridge Ministry

      We sure do love you Frank and consider you a very special member of our extended church family. Bless you Pastor.