Faith Comes By Hearing


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Our little Roma Community has a very high illiteracy rate—40% or more. This has presented a challenge in how to get the Word of God to the people.

One man suggested that we download an audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing which has the Bible recorded by actors in various languages. It’s so well done that it brings the gospel to life!

We decided to hold weekly meetings consisting of 30 minutes of listening to the Word of God and 30 minutes of discussion.

The first week 15 people showed up. We listened to the first 5 chapters of John. It was so exciting because four little children came in. They have been disruptive in the past and they distract the babushkas that are always telling them “get out of here!” and shooing them away.

This night was different. These four little ones poked their heads in to find out what was going on; it sounded like a movie! They came in and sat still and with big eyes they listened to the first 5 chapters of John! Glory, glory, hallelujah!

The second week had 12 people come to listen. This second night was supposed to cover chapters 6-10, but when we got to the end of chapter 9, I realized we had already gone 34 minutes and that chapter 10 would be another 10 minutes at least. I was going to end up keeping them for 45 minutes of listening to the bible—just listening to the bible! So I stopped at the end of chapter 9 and asked if they wanted to hear chapter 10 or if they wanted to push it to the next week. Immediately everybody shouted out “Yes, we want to hear it! Don’t stop now!”

That blessed my heart! How hungry my Brothers and Sisters are to get the Word of God, to be able to hear this! It makes me so excited to have found this resource. This is potentially the greatest ministry I have ever been involved. Here I can minister side by side with Pastor Brugosh and see transformation and revelation in an amazing and profound way; and The scriptures are doing it for us! I was all of a sudden freed of my handicap of not being able to preach the Gospel without a translator.

Faith Comes by Hearing is a free ministry and we’re going to continue the reading and asking people to join us. Let’s be praying that more and more people will come and fill up this room. People can get involved by bathing this ministry in prayer; asking the Lord to “bring the people in!”

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  • Thank you for your ministry.  There are so many street  children who can’t ready.  Many mothers – former street children who can’t read. Thanks for inspiration.