Victor Adam Testimony


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Victor Adam Testimony

Meet Victor. He is a member of the praise and worship team at our church in Radvanka, Ukraine. A recent doctor’s visit revealed that his heart was too small, and he may have some serious issues, even operation. We asked him how he wanted us to pray for him. He said, “My mother is not a strong believer. She comes to church, but I wish she would completely surrender herself to Jesus. So please pray for her. I am thankful that I am experiencing this danger because my mother is praying very hard for me to get well. I know God will heal me, and in the time between now and then, my mom is praying with her whole heart and is getting closer to God.”

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The following week in church, he shared a testimony of how God had completely healed him. The doctors did more tests and found nothing wrong!

From the back row, a woman not often seen in church wept as Victor stood and shared his testimony.

The woman was his mother.

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  • Woody

    I love this young man. Victor is a super testimony to God’s healing power. With such a physical problem, to have thought of his Mom’s salvation, first, speaks volumes about this young saint. SLAVA BOGU!!!

  • Janice Marcum

    Awesome testimony to our Awesome God. He is faithful. Thank you for sharing this testimony.