Altar Service in Radvanka


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Altar Service in Radvanka

Participating in prayer for those who come forward for healing at the end of a Sunday service is a very moving experience.  I felt honored to be invited by the pastor to join my brother, Jason, as he lifted his heart before the Lord on behalf of his brothers and sisters.  We laid on loving hands and anointed with oil as God poured out His love through the words of His servant.  Most of the time these words are in English as it is the Lord to whom he is speaking, but I am certain that anyone standing there could feel both God’s love and Jason’s.  Often when the prayer was over, the person responded with a big warm hug before they sat down.

Wonderful healings have taken place after these prayers and the dear saints who come forward with such faith and hope never leave disappointed.  Jason and I are blessed to be with them, to be God’s hands and voice to these precious children of His.  We’re often deeply touched by their faithfulness in God’s service and their joy in the face of many difficulties.

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