Street Evangelism in The Roma Camps


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Street Evangelism in The Roma Camps

Dennis Got SavedIt’s been long time since our last post. Sorry for that. I can’t get you caught up on everything all at once, but here’s a few things I’m really excited about. We’re back in Ukraine having a great time worshiping God with our brothers and sisters in Radvanka. As always, we continue to see our members grow stronger in their walk with the Lord. Week after week we hear fantastic testimonies, new faces, and most exciting are people coming forward and surrendering their life to Jesus. Just last week a young boy came forward, repented, wept tears of release. He was free! Wow that was powerful. It was real inspiring to watch as the congregation surrounded him, showered him with prayers and hugs and celebrated his name being eternally written in the Lamb’s book of Life. The young boy’s name is Dennis. Don’t forget him in your prayers.

Other great news while we were gone is to find out that Brother Robbie has been given the blessing of the church and denominational leadership to become a probationary Pastor. He is now the official Pastor in Ravtutsi and we are so happy for him. The chief aim of the church is “to make disciples”. It is with great joy we send this man out to preach the Gospel. I am so happy for my Brother, who has worked so hard in his study of the word. He is ever faithful in prayer and has not only heard a calling from God, but he’s answered it.

The third exciting update is expansion. While we were in the States, Pastor Brugosh has been very busy preaching the Gospel not only at our main church in Radvanka, but also in two home church plants in neighboring Romani camps. One is the church in Ravtutsi where we have been for some time (Robbie’s church), and the other is in the village of Galosh, a tiny camp near the Hungarian border on the back side of a massive potato field. We meet there once a week. What started with a handful of people listening to Pastor preaching in the street has now grown to over 20 people meeting regularly inside one of the homes.

Here’s a short story from my first visit to Galosh.

Galosh is a very small village with thirty six houses. No more than 100 people live here. There are lots of children running everywhere playing and laughing. As Pastor Brugosh and I drive up the road, people see us coming and it was a pretty cool getting mobbed with their excitement and greetings. We could hardly get out of the car through all the hugs, handshakes and treats.

Just then a young man fresh from the field pulled up on his horse cart. That cart was full of hay, I mean really full! It was filled so high it’s amazing to think how he got it up there, and more impressive that he got it to stay. He shouted to Pastor, Pastor shouted back. They waved hands, laughed, and the horse took off pulling Hay Mountain. Now, mind you, if you have ever worked with the Roma people, you come to know that what sounds like shouting to you or I is just friendly everyday communication.

I laughed, “Wow Pastor! What was that all about?”

“Oh” Pastor said, “He asked if we were preaching tonight. And when I told him we were starting in about 15 minutes he said, ‘Wait! Give me time to get the horse home. I’ll be right back.’ I guess he doesn’t want to miss church”

Boy this blessed my heart to hear. This young guy had been working all day, was obviously tired, and yet he raced home so he could make it back in time for this humble street ministry.

As we waited, more people started showing up carrying stools, boxes, and things to sit on. It was mostly standing room only.

Pastor preached in Russian, it was translated into Hungarian. The service lasted a little less than an hour. We took communion together, we prayer, we felt the Holy Spirit move.Romany Gypsy Ministry

One widow asked for prayer for her son who is only fifteen. Her husband died two years ago and she is raising four children. The oldest is Danny, the youngest still in diapers. Danny does’t often come home. The villagers see him around and they say he’s huffing glue, a very common drug among young people. She needs his help around the house, but mostly she is deeply worried for him. Please pray for Danny.

Before we left, we prayed for the woman who had opened her home. We told her the story of the Shunamite woman as we prayed blessing for her and her children. Then we blessed her with oil and anointed her property. The whole day was one of those awesome ministry moments. Glory to God!

On the way home Pastor shared more information about this ministry.

“Right now we’re only going once a week, but we’d like to go twice a week. The thing is that we just don’t have the gas money to get us out there. It would be much more productive if we could go more often because the villagers express a real desire to hear the Gospel. I brought Bibles over to them and they all started to read bibles. We brought an audio player that was donated by Faith Comes by Hearing and now the group meets every Monday to listen to the Audio Bible. I see that these families really appreciate God and what they have. This ministry really inspires me personally. People are now placing their hope in God. A few weeks ago, an older guy that had tuberculosis came to the meeting. I spoke to him and told him, ‘you have more time and God can heal you.’ He received Jesus as his Savior and then we prayed for his healing. He is still alive now.”

These are just a few stories to get you caught up. I will be careful to write more often. Thank you for your support. God Bless…

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