Roma Gypsy Church in Ukraine


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Roma Gypsy Church in Ukraine

In an old house in Radvanka God has equipped a small group of believers to build an exciting church. In Ukraine, the church is the body of believers; the building is the prayer house.  Radvanka is the Roma gypsy section of the city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine. It’s on the edge of the city. The people there live in terrible poverty. As in most impoverished areas, many resort to drugs, and alcohol. 

Roma Gypsy Church in UkraineThe community which Radvanka borders is profoundly steeped in racist ideology. Many of the “nationals” have a deep-seated dislike and mistrust of the Roma people.  They are the outcasts, the people society does not want. When we tell people that we’re working in the Roma camp, we often hear people respond, “It is good that someone is doing something about the Gypsy problem”.  Their situation is considered hopeless.  This, of course, is completely opposite the mind of Christ.

In this prayer house the Gospel is preached boldly, openly, and seeds are being planted daily. It’s no surprise that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit is having the expected impact. Through fervent prayer and devotion, many are coming to the altar with repentance, receiving salvation, and experiencing revival!

Thirteen years ago, Pastor Brugosh was called by God to establish a ministry there and reach out in every possible way to God’s children living in this neighborhood. Pastor Brugosh knows that under the influence of God’s love and power NO situation is hopeless. Jesus is the only source of true healing and hope!

Every week begins with Sunday services in the evening where approximately 50 people huddle together and praise God with unrestrained passion and rejoicing. On Mondays we gather to listen to the Word of God. About 40% of our congregation is illiterate, and so this listening group enables our members to experience the Holy Scriptures in their entirety; and many for the first time. The dramatic readings are presented on audio bible by the anointed ministry of Faith Comes by Hearing. Every Wednesday evening God’s word is preached and followed by a wonderful time of fellowship over tea and cookies. Thursday we travel to a Gypsy camp outside of town and minister in a home based church that is being planted. Fridays we have night prayer, sometimes lasting 5-6 hours! The week closes on Saturdays which are seeing the beginnings of a children’s ministry to the multitude of young ones who make the streets their home.

It’s such a wonderful privilege to be a part of this fantastic ministry! Thank you Lord for this opportunity.

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