Eyeglass Ministry Outreach


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Eyeglass Ministry Outreach

We’re so grateful for the Eyeglasses ministry outreach of Missionary Bruce Becker. He brought thousands of eyeglasses to be distributed to the community here in Radvanka. When the people heard about the eye clinic, everyone showed up. It was amazing. Bruce said, “It was the first time I have done one of these clinics and had a mob riot break out!” Everyone was determined to have their own eyeglasses. It was an amazing opportunity for us to witness and share the gospel. As people were waiting outside the building to have their glasses, we had fellowship, gave them the Jesus prayer beads, prayed with each of them. The ministry was powerful.

woman reading the bibleOne of our locals ran back home as soon as she received her eyeglasses, she got her Bible and began to read. With tears of joy she exclaimed, “Praise God, now I can read His word every day!” This is what it’s all about.  There were many great stories and testimonies of our people who got their glasses, but two stories really stood out; this woman and another story about a man.

He came to the ministry outreach on that Thursday, to have his eyes checked and to get his eyeglasses. We shared the gospel with him, prayed with him and gave him glasses. We don’t know if he accepted Jesus that day, but we planted the seed. Three days later, he was found dead. He had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. You never know when the person standing before you will enter into eternity.

As a follower of Jesus, we want to stress the importance of evangelism. You must always be ready when the Holy Spirit calls you to witness to somebody, to share your faith and to share the gospel. We have to be fearless. We can not hold back or waver in any way, but we must be bold in every season even if it’s hard. Even when our life seems full of challenges, even when we’re having a hard time in certain areas of our life, even when we think that we can’t do it. God will give us the courage, strength, and boldness to share the gospel to the ends of the earth. After all, He promised, “Lo, I will be with you always…”  We must remember that, two thousand years ago, our Lord Jesus Christ came here fearlessly, to be a man, to accept all the hardships and to give us the gospel so that we can receive salvation.

Now my friends, be encouraged, and “go ye therefore…”

(see photos from the ministry outreach)

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