Excerpt from Pentacostal Light


Aaron Merritt Hills

Excerpt from Pentacostal Light

Pentecostal Light
Reader, if you would understand the wonderful revelations of God’s Word, give up all your own wisdom and sit down meek and lowly at the feet of Jesus, and abandon yourself to the Holy Ghost, that He may teach you the deep things of God. We learn, in I. Cor. iii., that the first lesson in the school of Christ is to find out that we are fools. I. Cor. ii. teaches us that the Word of God can not be discerned by the human intellect. The Holy Spirit must teach your spirit His revealed Word and will, or you will remain a spiritual ignoramus. God’s Word is the sword with which we are to conquer the world, flesh and Satan. You do not need colleges and theologians to reveal to you God’s Word, but you need the Holy Ghost to illuminate it.

A.M. Hills “Pentecostal Light”

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