We must be willing to call sin ‘sin’


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We must be willing to call sin ‘sin’

It is an imperative element of our faith to tell others about the contents of God’s Holy Word. It is very clear that we will all be judged for our sins and the only way to be found justified and have our sentences commuted is by confessing our sins and placing our faith into the transaction of Calvary; the place where God sent His only Son and perfect sacrifice to fulfill the prophecies, who having fulfilled the law, was to stand in our place before the sovereign and righteous creator, God himself and be judged in our stead. This had to happen because God is just and demands that a penalty be paid for sin. To ignore sin, is to ignore God’s righteousness. To ignore God will result in an eternity in hell.

He died for our sinsOnce we place our faith in Jesus and repentance has taken place, then the glorious, yet arduous process of sanctification begins. This is the span of time where we are still living in the flesh, but our minds are being transformed into the mind of Christ. Our actions must reflect our willingness to become more like Him every day in deed and word. Our actions are no longer to satisfy the lusts of our flesh, but are to turn away from those things which are abhorrent to God, those things which are sin. To ignore the penalty of sin will result in an eternity in hell.

Thirdly, as we become transformed, we begin to take on the compassion and heart of the one in whom we place our faith. And Like Jesus, we grieve for the lost souls who surround us daily. This grieving through grace, becomes the fuel that heats us inside and compels us to boldly share what we know to be truth. The truth is that without Jesus you will perish. The truth is that if you therefore go on willfully sinning against the known laws of God, there no longer remains a sacrifice for grace. Your hearts will become hardened and will no longer be lead by the Holy Spirit to crucify yourself daily. The truth is that God hates all sin, and we cannot compartmentalize which sins are intolerable and which are not so serious. With love as the motivator, and the Holy Spirit as our counselor, we can confront both the lost and fellow believers to instruct or remind them of what is written in God’s holy Word. We must be willing to call sin ‘sin’. Be not proud. Be not haughty. Act not in your own might, but in the grace of Jesus Christ dare to share the truth of God’s Word. To avoid confrontation for the sake of the gospel, to avoid persecution for His names sake, and to fear the judgments of sinners is to enable the lost around you to blindly venture into an eternity in hell.

Jesus praysPray: Holy Father, sovereign God, by the grace poured out by your precious Son Jesus, teach me how to be a presenter of your Word. Help me to remain humble and bold, loving and direct. Give me the words to say and the opportunities to say them to your glory. Let all timings be yours. Lead me Lord, use me, and grant me your voice to speak to a lost and dying world so that they should not have to perish for lack of hearing. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

“Now it’s not our place to condemn them and judge them… we are not supposed to ignore the fact that God is also just… we shouldn’t ignore sin. We should be able to call sin a sin!” – Melissa Marie Miller

This devotional was inspired by a Facebook note from our friend Melissa Marie Miller titled “Something to think about as Christians”.

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  • Suzanne Manomie

    I agree with the truth of what is being said here, but I have met a lot of people who do not need to be convinced of their sin.  They already think that they are so sinful that God could not forgive them.  These folks need to hear about their Saviour.  They need to know that there is nothing they could have ever done that God will not forgive if you ask Him.  You just have to say that you are sorry and that you believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins and He will forgive you and make you His child.

    • Thank you Suzanne, This is a wonderful way to state this. I really like, ” These folks need to hear about their Saviour.  They need to know that there is nothing they could have ever done that God will not forgive if you ask Him. “

  • Sally Frisbey

    There are those who call sin a “mistake.” That really eliminates our choice and deliberate commission of the sin and takes our responciblity out of the picture. We make choices to rebell against God and it is called sin. Not a mistake.