Bible Reading Group


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Bible Reading Group

It’s Monday evening and twenty people have gathered at the Roma church in Radvanka to listen to the Word of God being read in Russian. Some follow in their Bibles but others listen intently to this wonderful opportunity to hear the Bible as they are not able to read it for themselves. After one of the members opened in prayer, Jason set his computer to the program, “Faith Comes by Hearing” and started with Acts 1. No one would let him stop going on to the next chapter until we were finished chapter 9.
The reading is extremely well done in very clear Russian. There are different voices used for dialogue and all kinds of interesting background noises. The feeling of the passage was greatly enhanced by the sound effects. The people sounded threatening, upset or supportive depending on what was appropriate to the passage. We could hear the rushing wind on the day of Pentecost and a dramatic echo effect when an angel or God was speaking. The reading lasted for about an hour because nobody wanted it to end. We should never take for granted the ability and the freedom to read God’s Word for ourselves. My heart was blessed by the great appreciation with which God’s children here took in every word.

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  • Jeremy Kirby

    Praise God that is amazing, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! I pray for all of you in your congregation that God will bless you and grow you as disciples and messengers of His marvelous Word.