August 2011

August 2011

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Thanks to God we’re back in Ukraine and anxious to get back to work!

Our time in Michigan was short and sweet! We arrived in June just in time for Church of God Camp Meeting. It was the perfect way to start the summer. As a family we camped in cabins, cooked on the grill, had tremendous morning bible study, and the evening services were full of Pentecostal, Holy Ghost, preaching and worship. This year Valeriia and I both enjoyed the services because Danya was in the Children’s room doing crafts and getting excited about Sunday school.

In just 2 ½ months, we traveled all over Michigan and visited 11 different churches. We had more invites but we ran out of time. I must say we are humbled by the amount of prayer and support we received this summer. How else to say it? Thanks to all of you that make it possible for us to “Go ye therefore” into the mission field.

We’re excited to report that specific offerings have been taken up to help with both legs of this ministry; the church in Radvanka and the children in crisis training and conferences. Partial funds have been donated to help with getting running water into the Radvanka church, getting the roof repaired, funds to help Pastor Brugosh with personal expenses, and funds to help our family travel and personal living expenses while in Ukraine.

In addition to the churches within our denomination, there are many individuals and organizations who have been led by the Spirit to attach themselves to this ministry. It is overwhelming to experience how each one of you have given of yourself because you believe in the vision God has given to Michigan Bridge Ministry and the Wiser family. We love you all and pray for clear direction and guidance as we steward all that has been donated to this cause.

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Quick Update

Please continue to pray with us that all the projects that we hope to get done will be completed this year.

Here is a list of the projects that we hope to complete as the Lord leads.

  1. For the Children in Crisis Ministry
    1. Finalize the translation from English into Russian for the CCTI material.
    2. Bring author Janette Pepal to Ukraine to present Crisis Care Training Internationals Module 3 – “Orphan Care”
    3. Host a Conference in Uzhgorod in May 2012.
    4. Host a Conference “Working with Children in Crisis” in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
  2. For the church in Radvanka, Ukraine.
    1. Install running water.
    2. Finish the bathroom.
    3. Install water in the kitchen for dishes and cleaning.
    4. Add sinks and counters to prepare food for soup kitchen.
    5. Get security bars on the building and new doors and locks. Of course we pray that God will protect the building, and we know that our role is to be smart and do our part to make the church secure.
    6. Fix or replace the roof.
    7. Get tile into the sanctuary
    8. Fix all windows or get new ones.
    9. Fix the exterior walls that are crumbling.
    10. Finish the fence.

Join us in Prayer…

Pray with us

  1. Direction for this ministry
  2. Total healing from cancer for Valeriia’s mom
  3. Total healing from cancer for Pastor Nathan Keltch
  4. Youth ministry in Radvanka to grow and for us to get a youth pastor
  5. Russian / English translator to assist Jason with this ministry
  6. Birth of our 2nd son in January
  7. Support for Pastor Brugosh and his family

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